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Walk... Walk...
for 30 minutes daily. Get your body moving and your heart rate going. Exercise benefits skin as it boosts circulation and encourages blood flow.

several cups of pure organic green tea daily. It Hhlps flush toxins from your skin. You can sweeten if you like with organic unprocessed agave or honey.

Meditate... Meditate...
for a minimum of 5-11 minutes daily. We need moments of silence to recharge, refocus and rejuvenate.
Exercise... Exercise...
studies now prove a link between exercising and “improved healing response and decreased inflammation of skin”. Regular EXERCISE will nourish and cleanse your skin from within.
Yoga... Yoga...
is an ancient practice that is ideal for relaxation of the mind and body and for muscular strengthening. Breathing, called pranayama is integral in all yoga styles to reduce stress levels.
Cleansers... Cleansers...
should leave your skin feeling clean, natural, healthy and glowing. Then your skin is ready to to receive the nutrients in the other products to follow ( toner, serum, cream or lotion).
Exfolitation! Exfolitation!
Daily exfoliation is necessary to clear clogged pores and fade post-breakout marks on the skin revealing a more even toned skin.
Mantras... Mantras...
Awaken your compassion and consciousness by meditating with a well selected mantra ( words to repeat). Ideas: “Sat Nam” means “truth is my identity”; “Om Mani Padme Hum” which means “ the jewel in the lotus”--“the treasure within ourselves”. Softly chant.
Juicing... Juicing...
is a quick fix for skin and stomach. There’s a luminous sparkle that fresh juices bring to your skin. Try on a quiet weekend at home. Relax, and do a face and body mask.
Drink herbal blends of tea regularly. Get to know the vast variety of healthy, organic herb teas such as chamomile, dandelion, mint, passionflower, hibiscus and others. Experiment, read and drink healthy.
Lotus... Lotus...
The Hindu tradition sees the lotus as a symbol of spiritual enlightenment, because it rises from mud and darkness to blossom in sunlight. VISUALIZE a beautiful lotus floating on a pond when you need to reconnect with your inner self.
Vitamin Skin Therapy... Vitamin Skin Therapy...
Increase your intake of bioflavonoid and vitamin C, phytonutrients found in lemons, plums, grapefruit,kiwi and blackberries to reduce the appearance of broken capillaries on the skin. These substances strengthen the walls of the capillaries.
Leg Care... Leg Care...
Beautiful legs thrive on two simple strategies: exfoliating and moisturizing. With less oil glands than the rest of the body, they are prone to dryness. Solutions: Rosemary Mint Salt Scrub and Shea Body Butter.
Dancing... Dancing...
will improve over all fitness. High energy movement gets the blood flowing and is therefore terrific for your skin.
Beautifying Foods! Beautifying Foods!
Organic collard greens, kale, swiss chard, watercress, arugula and others contain a complex array of minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients with skin beautifying anti-inflammatory properties.
Beautifying Foods! Beautifying Foods!
Most of the foods you eat should be fresh, organic and nutrient dense fruits and vegetables. When consumed in their natural state they are rich in anti-oxidants for the skin and body.
Water! Water!
We are a water based life form so we must maintain hydration. Drink lots of pure water throughout the day. Hydration makes your skin juicy and soft.
SKIN Any anti-aging skin treatments that help reduce wrinkles may use ALPHA and BETA HYDROXY acids- found in natural sources: fruit, lemon, maple and sugar cane. Studies show that these acids help reduce fine lines, age spots and improve dry AND oily skin by removing the dead outer layer of skin allowing regenerated cells to rise to the surface.
Friendship... Friendship...
Here’s to good friends! They bring comfort, relief and can throw you a life rope when you need it most. Make lots of time for your buddies.
SERUMS Comprehensive skincare is essential for skin that looks and feels its best. One of the components is: serums for the skin. They boost the skin’s ability to regenerate, repair and renew with either vitamins C, A or hydroxy healers. They encourage skin renewal naturally and give a smoother, healthier appearance. Use under moisturizers.
SELF MASSAGE Combine the art of self massage with aromatherapy. Soothe and ease your body, mind, and spirit. After a shower use Shea Body Butter to massage your legs and feet: heels and toes. Also, massage your ears, arms and shoulders. You will feel instantly better.
Face Masks.... Face Masks....
are multi -tasking hard workers . Masks remove unwanted impurities and excess oils that can block pores and cause blackheads. Ingredients like clays, minerals, enzymes and extracts balance skin, soothe skin, heal skin and leave it looking more translucent.
Sun! Sun!
Please try to avoid the strongest sun’s rays between 10 am and 4 pm. Try to schedule activities in the sun for other times of the day to save your skin. Wear a hat !! and use Advanced Protection SPF 30 or Essential Protection SPF 15 regularly.
Breathing... Breathing...
Also know in yoga as Pranayama literally oxygenates your skin so it looks alive and vibrant. Any activity like a bike ride, a game of tennis, a swim, a pilates class can distress your mind and are therefore your skin’s best friends.
MORNING CLEANSING If you’ve thoroughly cleansed well the night before you might not need to fully cleanse again in the AM. Sometimes if you’re short on time simply use cotton pads drenched with Ginseng Mineral Toner or Herbal Blend Astringent. Wipe over the face several times. And then use a final spritz of either.
Necks... Necks...
Give your neck the “double-whammy” treatment. Every time you apply moisturizer, serum, cream,or sunscreen to your face include your neck and chest and sweep it upwards to the jaw line.
Hand and... Hand and...
Cosmetic Tool Washing... Always wash your hands before applying or removing makeup. If you use washable makeup sponges or applicators wash them daily and then let dry. Brushes should be washed weekly.
Smile! Smile!
Think happy! Give yourself a hug and smile. Live your life with enthusiasm. Each one of us is powerful, creative and brilliant.
Conscious Change! Conscious Change!
Change yourself, not others. Accept that everyone is an individual and that we can’t change others-only our selves. Connect from your heart first and head second.
”True... "True...
beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives and the passion that she shows. And the beauty of a woman with passing years only grows.”
-Audrey Hepburn 1929-1993

Review... Review...
Great lifestyle things for your skin: Deep rhythmic breathing, water and cleansing , fresh fruit and veggie juices, good sleep, laughter. Happiness, peace of mind and love are essential to the skin.
Acne... Acne...
We confidently recommend a variety of our Prasadabeauty skincare products for serious oily and acne’d skin. But we DO recommend that for serious problems please find the best dermatologist in your city or town to visit. If you follow all the lifestyle tips on our site you should experience a natural improvement in your skin!

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